Pallateze & Stretch Wrapping

One more innovative product from SIEGER - Palateze

Pallets packing for yarn cones - At present the pallets are formed with multiple operators and ladders causing delay and damages to the cones during handling.

In SIEGER Palateze the equipment is positioned in a pit. The empty pallets id placed on the platform and the layers of cones are stacked in a very convenient position. The platform lowers at the press of button ready to load the next layer. On completion of the pallet the complete pallet is raised and removed manually.

If the pallet needs to be stretch wrapped - the operator clings the film on to the pallet and initiates the wrapping process. The pallets revolve, simultaneously lower and rise causing the pallets to be wrapped.

Technical Specification

Lifting Capacity 1200 kgs
Turntable Diameter 1800 mm
Film Stretch up to 300%
Connected Load 5 kw
No. of Layers 13
Pallet size (maximum) Length 1200mm / Weight 1200mm / Height 2600mm

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Pallateze & Stretch Wrapping