Cone to Container - CTC 

Cone to Container is the ultimate solution for efficient and cost-effective material transportation across various yarn package handling systems. Our advanced system integrates cone transport automation, image processing, pallet formation, hybrid conditioning, and depalletizing, ensuring optimal productivity at every step.

C2C offers cutting-edge technology such as vacuum conditioning and pre-conditioning, ensuring optimal quality control and performance. Our automated packing solutions meet a variety of packaging requirements, such as poly bags, sacks, carton boxes, and pallets, enabling easy operation.

With our ASTOR (ASRS) you can ensure seamless storage and retrieval of materials. ASTOR ensures efficient container loading, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput.


Roving Transportation System - RTS

An established solution provider for textile mills with state of art manufacturing facilities offer proven automation solution for spinning mills.


Lap Transport System - LTS

Introducing the SIEGER Lap Transport System—an innovative solution designed to automate the seamless transfer of laps/spools between the Lap Former and Comber machines. This cutting-edge system eliminates the need for manual intervention, ensuring precision and consistency in the handling process.


Automatic Cone Packing Solutions - APAC

Automatic Cone packing system wraps conical or cylindrical yarn packages in polythene film and packs them in HDPE bags or carton boxes. The system has the following modules.


Cleaning Solutions 

High efficient Over Head Travelling Cleaner for textile machinery designed for the best blowing and cleaning performance.