Lap Transport System - LTS

Lap Transport System

Introducing the SIEGER Lap Transport System—an innovative solution designed to automate the seamless transfer of laps/spools between the Lap Former and Comber machines. This cutting-edge system eliminates the need for manual intervention, ensuring precision and consistency in the handling process.

Lap Transport System

Key Features

  • 10 & 12 Head Combers Available
  • Enhanced yarn quality through automated handling, preserving the outer layer of the batt.
  • Automatic conveyance of empty spools back to the Lap Former machine via the Spool Conveyor.
  • Each comber is equipped with a Lap Feeder Tray ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Lap turntables on conveyors provide flexibility in mill layout configurations.

Salient Features

  • Versatile design suitable for various OEM Combers and mill configurations.
  • Physical Hardship of Trolley movement is eliminated.
  • The implementation of LTS has no impact on parent machine production, as segmented conveyors are employed to enhance production efficiency.
  • Significantly reduces material mix-up.
  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Lap Conveyor capacity of up to 16 laps
  • FIFO (First In, First Out) ensured
  • Eliminates manual trolleys, optimizing floor space and workflow efficiency
  • Operator-free lap handling ensures superior quality and safety
  • Utilizes high-wear resistance PU Drive Wheels for durable cart movement
  • Lap can be transported from any lap former to any comber
Reference Layouts

Experience unparalleled efficiency and quality assurance with our Comber Lap Handling System. Revolutionize your textile manufacturing process today.

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