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Automatic Doffing System

SIEGER An innovative engineering solution provider for textile industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have ADOF to the product range for automation of doffing in ring frames thus providing a solution for the existing manpower need for the industry.

Salient Features

Doffing bar mechanism
State-of-the-art grippers are assembled on high tensile aluminum doffing bars moved by encoder and ball screw mechanism.

Ball screw
The drive to doffing bar is through a maintenance free ball screw assembly with zero friction.

The main motor is equipped with encoder for positioning of doffing bar to micron level accuracy.

Automatic loading & transfer of empties
A well synchronized distribution box and conveyor arrangement ensures that the empties are loaded onto the conveyor pegs for the preset loading rate, during the pre doff preparation.

PLC controlled systems
The machine is controlled by proven PLC system trouble free functioning of the sequence of doffing all activities of doffer with a customer friendly display system.

Spindle conversion rings
The spindles will be fitted with a new yarn cutter with knurled surface for holding the yarn during separation for efficient cutting.

C-C distance between m/cs1800mm
No of spindles1200 max
Spindle gauge70mm & 75mm
Empties size180 to 230mm
Performance data
Doff preparation time 40 minutes max
Doffing time 150 Seconds
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