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Sheet Metal Division

Metal Cutting
Latest generation CNC machining centres take care of precision machined components requirements. Heavy machining includes a Vertical Turning Lathe of 4.3 meters capacity.

Metal Forming
The Sheet Metal Division consists of Laser cutting (Bystronic), Turret Punch Press (Amada), Precision Bending Machines (Amanda) and a host of Welding stations like MIG, TIG, MMA, Resistance and spot.

Material Handling
The factory is equipped with multiple hoists where in the materials is handled with ease.

Heavy and light fabrication in Carbon and Stainless steel with plate rolling and manipulators. Skilled technicians roll out over 50 stainless steel vessels every year.

Systematic approach in every aspect of the business process from design to installation has been the backbone of the organization. SIEGER follows straight Quality assurance systems as per ISO 9001:2008

Surface finishing includes 7 tank pre treatment process followed by powder / liquid with high temperature curing.

Products Present Product Range
Sheetmetal Products
Laser cut parts, panels for high speed trains, OEM suppliers with complete manufacture, architectural and industrial enclosures.

Textile Machine
Yarn Conditioning Plant, Automatic, Ring frame doffing System, Roving Transport System and a range of products for Automation.

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